This Month’s FGF Charities

Every month, Feel Good Fashion supports two charities, usually with links to the local East Kent area.

Our total raised so far for 2021 is well over £8000 & we are now supporting the following charities for the month of December:


Nominated by Janet Day


Nominated by Kate Sutton (as we had no more nominations in on time to be included 😊)

Please find out more about these fabulous charities, check out our social media platforms!


20% from all preloved clothing sales is donated and shared equally between the two. All donations are logged and if anyone would like to see the trace on payments for items sold, the info can be provided on request.

As we want to be an inclusive & fair business, we would like to receive nominations for charities close to our customers heart.  So if you have used FGF since we launched for purchases or selling your items, you can nominate your favourite charity* by emailing Kate on and state your reasons why you feel they are a worthy charity/cause to receive our donations.

All nominations received by the end of each month will be checked and two will be drawn to receive the following month’s donations. The rest will stay in the hat for future monthly draws.

Each FGF customer is allowed to nominate one charity per year
One ticket in the draw per nomination.

We look forward to hearing from you!

*local community groups & projects may also be considered.