When did you last check yours????

As our charity of the month is Breast Cancer Now, we felt the subject of this quick read blog of the week was an important one….

 Latest research reveals that multiple barriers continue to prevent women from checking their breasts regularly for potential signs and symptoms of breast cancer – worse, fewer women regularly check their breasts now than a year ago.Yet just a couple of minutes out of a day to regularly check your breasts could be life changing.

Checking your breasts only takes a few minutes, and everyone should check their breasts regularly. It could be when you get dressed, when you’re showering or putting on moisturiser. It’s important to remember to check your whole breast area, your armpits and up to your collarbone (upper chest) for changes.
There's no right way to check, as long as you’re doing it regularly.
Next time you throw on your favourite blouse, dress or jumper, take a moment to give yourself some TLC - Touch, Look, Check. 
Want to know more about the great work they do at Breast Cancer Now?
Head over to breastcancernow.org 
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