Don’t let the Black Friday madness pull you in!!!!

I’ve been caught up in all the excitement so many times, purchasing so many things I didn’t need, just because it was in a special Black Friday deal!

So as The Black Friday adverts are arriving on TV, we’ve taken a moment to look at some statistics from previous UK Black Fridays to understand the environmental impact…

* 2020 UK Black Friday sales led to 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions—the equivalent of 435 return flights from London to New York.

* Up to 80% of Black Friday purchases are thrown out after just one (or even ZERO) wears!

* Black Friday shopping online transactions increased 14% between 2019 - 2020, with further growth expected this year, as people look out for discounted prices. (Source: Forbes)

We know times are tough this year, so why not consider preloved for gifts and party wear instead of getting tempted with those flashy discounts. Or take a look at our blog from the 31st Oct for some alternative ideas for this year that keep you away from temptation and save you £££’s at the same time.

We’ll be having fun with a Green Friday event on & around the 25th Nov, so keep your eyes peeled for updates landing soon!

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